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Health Profession Pioneers Changing the Face of Healthcare

Serving the Finger Lakes, Western & Central NY Regions


Community Health Workers Association of Rochester Inc. CHWAR, is a non-profit organization that advocates to strengthen the profession and leadership of Community Health Workers (CHWs). 

CHWAR is a professional association that is dedicated to advancing the workforce through CHW development, building standards and establishing CHWs as integral members of health reform innovations.


Depending on where they work, who they work for and what they do... CHWs may also be referred to as: 

Health Coach 
Community Health Advisor 
Family Advocate 
Health Project Counselor 
Health Educator 
Outreach Worker 
Peer Counselor 
Patient Navigator 
Health Interpreter 
Public Health Aide
In Spanish-speaking communities, CHWs are often referred to as promotora(or) de salud